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Hunan Naiqiang Superabrasives Co.,Ltd is the leading company in superabrasives industry. NQ Diamond is dedicated to providing the best products and service, which contributes to transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry of China.

NQ Diamond is always focusing on industrial synthetic diamond powder, insisting not to take a shortcut, paying attention to basic research, sustainable innovation and long-term investment. After accumulating profound practice, NQ Diamond will make the most use of performance of industrial synthetic diamond powder. We centre on customer requirements, to help them decrease cost and increase efficiency, thus reinforcing competitiveness and creating value for our customers.

NQ Diamond was founded in 2006. Our headquarter is located in Changsha Hunan province Lugu International industrial park. NQ Diamond aims to international market. Besides our factory in Yiyang city Wanli industrial park, we also have world-class research center and manufacture base in West of  Hunan economic zone.

Industrial synthetic diamond powder is the well-known hardest material in the world as “teeth” of industry. NQ Diamond products includes high-grade industrial synthetic diamond powder, grinding head and grinding wheels, which are widely used for cutting,grinding drilling,and polishing of abrasives, ceramic, glass ,sapphire, silicon wafers, cemented carbide, refractory material,construction material, industrial sand. Industrial synthetic diamond powder promotes the rapid development of aerospace, national defense, automobile, electronic products, solar photovoltaic, oil and gas drilling, mining, tombarthite, construction, stone and wood manufacturing industry.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance
  • The industry standardmark01_hover

    The industry standard

    According to International standard, and understand quality of products and products classification better.
  • Quality inspectionmark02_hover

    Quality inspection

    PSD inspection report can be provided, and new production process can be customized.
  • Package deliverymark03_hover

    Package delivery

    Standardized packing management, carton packing, good protection of goods.
  • Transportation securitymark04_hover

    Transportation security

    Many transportation options help you choose the most suitable and safest mode of transportation.

Product Introduction

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  • NQXD Series

    NQXD Series

    The company's global original technology, with super high quality cutting grade diamond as raw material, through the special process broken. Product particles are even...
  • NQAD series

    NQAD series

    The company's global original technology, with super high quality cutting grade diamond as raw material, through the special process broken. Product particles are even...
  • NQPD series

    NQPD series

    With grinding grade diamond as raw material, it is processed by general process. The product is yellow or green, with uniform particle size, high strength and high thermal stability.
  • MBD series

    MBD series

    Advanced diamond products are yellow. Particle uniform, crystal shape rule integrity. High strength and thermal stability.
  • Synthetic diamond tools.

    Synthetic diamond tools.

    Diamond electroplating products series, bronze, resin, ceramic bonded diamond tools. The products are mainly used in: optical glass...

Company News

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NQ Diamond participate in the INDIA STONA...

INDIA STONA and Stone Machinery Exhibition is one of the largest exhibitions in the Indian stone industry. It has been held for 12 sessions since 1987 and is the longest stone professional exhibition in India. On Febr...
  • Boqiang Grinding Head- SUPER GRINDING HEAD

    Boqiang New Material meets You in Full Touch Screen Exhibition in Shenzhen and Chongqing International Mobile Phone Show Let's call for "Super Wear"! On November 24, 2017 and December 1, 2017...
  • The 4th China (Zhengzhou) International A...

    On September 14, 2017, the 4th China (Zhengzhou) International Abrasive Abrasives Grinding Exhibition was held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. NQ Diamond dazzled...
  • NQ Diamond grab business opportunities at...

    February 2-5, 2017, the India stone exhibition was started, and NQ Diamond embarked on a journey to penetrate the Indian diamond market again. Our general manager with overseas sales teams and engineers, set off early...

Technology Center

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